Family Pauli



Charlotte Pauli, died after 1843.

Married on Sept.25th, 1814 to Johann Gottfried Petri.



Ernst Ludwig Pauli, born: Nov.20th, 1756 in Magdeburg, died: Dec.27th, 1834 in Ballenstedt. Court Preacher for the Duke of Bernburg at Ballenstedt. [1]


Married to Henriette Guichard, died: Sept.28th, 1802 in Magdeburg.



Ernst Ludwig Pauli, born: May 29th, 1716 in Braunschweig, died: April 21st, 1783 in Bernburg. 1740 Preacher at Magdeburg, 1772 Superintendent at Bernburg.


Married 1741 to Magdalena Guichard, died: 1767



Hermann Reinhold Pauli, born: Feb.28th, 1682 in Marburg, died: Feb.7th, 1750 in Halle a.d.Saale. Professor of Theology and reformed Preacher.


Married to Anna Clara Jüngst.

(Daughter of Gottfried Jüngst, Dr.theol. and Professor, also Preacher and Rektor of the Gymnasiums in Bremen.)



Reinhold Pauli, born: March 5th, 1638 in Danzig, died: Feb.11th, 1682 in Marburg. Professor of Theology und Court-Preacher at Steinfurt.


Married onJun.26th, 1666 to Maria Elisabeth Tossanus.

(Daughter of Daniel Tossanus)



Georg Pauli, baptized: Feb.9th, 1586 zu Danzig, died: Dec.12th, 1650 in Danzig.Studied at several universities, last at Heidelberg where in 1608 he obtained the highest degree in the department of philosophy and became professor for mathematics. In 1612 he went to Basel and became Doctor of Theology. In 1613 he got a call to become professor of ethics and politics at the Gymnasium at Danzig (Gedansk) while at the same time he held the position of preacher at the Trinitatis-Church and gave lectures in theology.


On Nov. 10th, 1627 he married his second wife Anna Curike in Danzig

(Daughter of teacher Georg Curike)



Adrian Pauli, baptized: June 29th, 1548 in Danzig, died: March 29th, 1611 ebd. Studied at Danzig and Wittenberg, 1575 Conrektor at the Gymnasium in Thorn, 1578 Rektor of the school St.Petri at Danzig(Gedansk), 1580 Diakon at St.Peter and Paul. 1592 first reformed Pastor there.


Married to Elisabeth Fischer, died: ca. 1605



Adrian Pauli, citizen and merchant in Danzig(Gedansk), died soon after 1548.

Married to Elisabeth ?? “pii et honesti parentes”


[1] Deutsch. Genealog. Handbuch Bd.9, Seite 410



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