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Werner Karl Heisenberg, born: Dec.5th 1901 in Würzburg, Germany, died Feb. 1st 1976 in München, Germany.


married on April 29th 1937 in Berlin, Germany, to Elisabeth Schumacher, born July 4th 1914 in Bonn, Germany; died: Feb. 27th 1998 in Göttingen, Germany.




Ernst August Heisenberg, born Nov. 13th 1869 in Osnabrück, Germany, died Nov. 22nd, 1930 in München, Germany. Professor of Byzantine Language and Culture München-University.

(autobiography in german)


Married May 23rd 1899 in München, Germany, to Anna Wecklein, born Sept.22nd 1871 in München, Germany, died 1945



Karl Philipp Heisenberg, born Jan.21st 1872 in Osnabrück, Germany, died in New York after 1937; married to Helen Wulp

Margarete Katharine Heisenberg, born Oct.26th, 1865 in Osnabrück, Germany, died after 1944 in Osnabrück, Germany.

(married 1889 to August Bauermeister in Osnabrück, Germany.)

Anna Margarethe Heisenberg, born Sep.25th, 1867 in Osnabrück, died after 1937 in Osnabrück

(married. ca 1900 to ... Free in Osnabrück)

Anne Marie Agnes Heisenberg, born March 12th, 1859 in Osnabrück, died after 1919 in Osnabrück



Wilhelm August Heisenberg, born Feb.6th, 1831 in Osnabrück, Germany, Locksmith in Osnabrück, residence and shop: Lohstrasse 62. died Dec. 24th, 1912 in Osnabrück.

(Article in local newspaper regarding 50th wedding aniversity in german)


married April 22nd, 1858 in St. Marien in Osnabrück to Anna Maria Unnewehr, born Jan.30th, 1835 in Osnabrück, died March 14th, 1919 in Osnabrück.



Regine Marie Lisette Gertrude Heisenberg, born May 7th, 1817 in Osnabrück, died: Oct.14th, 1819.

Theodor Ludwig Friedrich Simon Heisenberg, born: Oct.31st, 1819 in Osnabrück, died: Nov.5th, 1821.

Johann Wilhelm Heisenberg, Böttchermeister, born: Feb.13th, 1822 in Osnabrück, died: Feb.28th, 1886

(married in Osnabrück on May 12th 1850 to Margarethe Catharina Dorothea Meyer, born Dec.6th, 1821, died: Apr.5th, 1886)

Hermann Friedrich Heisenberg, Böttchermeister, born: Feb.15th, 1824 in Osnabrück, died: March 27th, 1870 (Tuberculosis). Married (1) May 1854 to Maria Francisca Striekmann, born: Dec.13th, 1828, died: 1857/1858; (2) 1857/1858 to Henriette Katharine Kreienheder, born: Feb.13th, 1837 in Kuingdorf, died: Sep.10th, 1912 in Osnabrück

Christian Bernhard Heisenberg, born: May 14th, 1826 in Osnabrück, died: Aug.6th, 1828

Auguste Marie Heisenberg, born: Nov.7th, 1828 in Osnabrück, Married on May 1st, 1856 to Heinrich Ludwig Lindemann, born: Okt.21st, 1826 in Bünde, Schuhmachermeister

Caroline Charlotte Wilhelmine Heisenberg, born: Feb.20th, 1833 in Osnabrück, Married on June 25th, 1857 to Johan August Monsöhr

Johann Friedrich Jacob Heisenberg, born: May 15th, 1835 in Osnabrück, Jan.1st, 1883, Backamtsmeister. Married (1) on May 15th, 1862 to Florentine Caroline Dorothea Schreiber (born: Sep.18th, 1841, died: Nov.19th, 1868) and (2) on 6. Jul.6th, 1869 to Amalie Marie Richter (born: Dec.23rd, 1841, died: Dec.10th, 1889)



Johann Hermann Ludwig Heissenberg, born: Jun.23rd, 1791 in Detmold, died: April 3rd, 1838 in Osnabrück; Böttchermeister (Küper).


married on Aug.1st, 1816 St.Marienkirche in Osnabrück to Katharina Agnesa Dorothea Meyer, born: Sept.8th, 1796 in Osnabrück, died: Aug.1st, 1866 in Osnabrück.



Hermann Heinrich Heissenberg, died: Dec.25th, 1790, from Consumption, 41 years of age, Destiller in Detmold.


married on Aug.1st, 1779 in Detmold to Louisa Henriette Spiel, born: Sept.25th, 1753 in Detmold, Germany.

(daughter of Johann Friedrich Spiel, born ca. 1713 in Hesse, died: Oct. 29th 1763 in Detmold, Steinhauer, married on Jul.2nd 1749 in Detmold to Anna Ilsabein Rewer(Renwer), born: Oct.17th, 1731, died: Feb.23rd, 1780 in Detmold.)



Hermann Henrich Heisenberg.



Hans Christoph Jasper, alias Heisenberg, died 1747 in Heiden at 63 years of age. born: in Prividsheide in den Kirchenspielen Heiden, Stapelage and Lage (today part of the city of Detmold)

Married to Ernestine Holste, of Heidenoldendorf.


Some of the information on this page was provided by Dr. Jörg Wunschhofer

Much of the data was collected by Valerie Rangen around 1935


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